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Our Company have trained over 15 World Jetski Freetyle Champions over the last 20 years. we will start with the basics and build up to the flips in no time! Including Rick Roy, Alexander Lenzi, Eric Malone, Rok Floranjack, Ivan & Nastia Potanine to name a few.

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Jetski Racing



Our Instructor is Champion of France in Racing, Andre Cosson and works with the most elite clients in the world! Learn the Fundamentals to make the fastest turns in the world while streamlining over flat water around our track.

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Buy Custom Jetski

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Since the beginning of jetski we have been making custom jetskis from the hulls to the fine engine details. Custom colors, decals, hydroturf and mush more. We have had over 100 personal and custom jetskis and clients happy with our products.

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Freestyle Jetski Lesson Plan:

Freestyle Jetsking is the most advanced sport you can do on the water. Starting from the basics the instructor will teach you how to control and maneuver your jetski and well as advance you to the next level towards doing tricks.

Freestyle jetski is a combination of man and machine – we will optimize your balance and agility on our high power competition Skis!

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Jetski Racing Lesson Plan:

Our instructor is the Champion of France in racing, Andre Cosson, working with the most elite clients in the world! Learn the fundamentals to make the fastest turns while streamlining over flat water around our track. The lesson starts with learning the best stance to optimize your balance. From there our instructors give you the confidence to control our high performance kawasaki racing jetski of up to 60 km!

Standup jetski is not just for racing, but also high endurance training. This is a very physical sport and with our training program you can be a champion!

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Buying a Custom Jetski:

Since Jetskis first got popular we have been making custom skis from the hulls to the fine engine details. Custom colors, decals, hydro-turf, 1200cc engines, to send you skyrocketing. We have made over 100 completely custom jetskis with customers happy every time.

We work with RRP *Rickter and Lee Stone Products.

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Flyboard Rental

Learn how to fly like a pro in no time. Fly high and perform Airborne maneuvers like ironman!

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Group Incentives & Events

Group incentives, small private groups, and full watersports shows. Either putting on a Flyboard & Jetski show day or night, or have groups of up to 100 people enjoy a day of full on watersports.

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Jetski Tours

Book a Jetski Tour with us and travel the coast of Ibiza at high speeds. Drive the jetski yourself over the crystal clear waters of the Med and visit the best places like Atlantis and Es Vedra!

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