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Easier than any board sport the Flyboard will have you up and soaring over the with ease.

Soar high up showing off your ironman skills to the whole beach or dive through the water like a dolphin,  you’ll be able to fly through the air like Marty McFly!

Our Instructors have been training since flyboard was first invented. With us you can go-pro and do show and competitions after a few lessons!

Jetski Circuit

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Go around our track at high speeds and race against your friends. Our Controlled circuit is right in Front of our beach in Playa D’en Bossa. Up to 6 people at one time can go on our track and learn to go bouy to bouy.  Easy for begginers and fun for Experienced Drivers.

No Licence Needed!

Circuit Prices

Jetski Tours

Jetski Tours

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Tour Prices

Private Jetski Rental


Do you have your Own yacht or Private Villa? We can Supply you with a daily or even monthly rental for your private needs.

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Flyboard Lessons

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Flyboard is for those who want to see the world from a new perspective. A beginner will only take a couple of minutes to get stable in the air. Lessons are under the care of highly qualified instructors who are also showman. Satisfaction and pleasure guaranteed on the first try! You can even rent a Flyboard &  instructor for yachts and private events from half-day or fulday

Flyboard Prices

Hoverboard Lessons


The rider to enjoy speeds of up to 28 mph!  You can cruise and carve at about 5-15 feet. Feel under control with your board and start flying high making high Powered turns like the pros. Recommended for those who have a wakeboard, surf,or snowboard background.

Hoverboard Prices

Flyboard Pro Training Program – Fly like a Pro!

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Our Instructors have been training since flyboard was first invented. We will teach you to the point of where you can do Flyboard shows and compete in Flyboard World Cup in Dubai!

Contact us for details

Jetski Circuit Prices

Jetski Circuit - 15 minutes


Jetski Circuit - 30 minutes

110€ (30% off if booked online!)

Jetski Circuit - 45 minutes

150€ (30% off if booked online!)

Jetski Tour Prices

Jetski Tour - 15 minutes

Enough time to get a feel for freedom. A short visit to see ibiza from a new perspective.


Jetski Tour - 30 Minutes

Learn to really control your high powered jetski and take your speeds to new limits. So much more to see


Jetski Tour - 60 Minutes

For those who know they want to see everything and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Either Cruise go full speed. the most unique memories happen on these tours


Flyboard Prices

Flyboard lesson - 20 minutes

Just Enough to learn how to fly and start enjoying air and water


Flyboard Lesson - 30 minutes

Once you are in the Air the instructor can start to teach you more challenging maneuver and tricks like dolphin dives and 360's


Flyboard Lesson - 45 minutes

The 60 minute lesson is for those who want to preform tricks with confidence and fly with confidence up to 10 meters!



Flyboard Pro Training Program

For those who want to go pro.

This Training program is designed to get you flying like the pros with an intense course taught by Julien Cosson & Max Cosson who are professional showmen and Work around the world.

You will learn every little detail there is to the art of flight and the technical equipment involved. You will learn how to do every trick imaginable; from 360 dives to double bonzai flips.

The Program is custom designed to fit your schedule and budget and goal. Our goal is to send you to the Flyboard World Cup in Dubai!


Hoverboard Prices

Hoverboard - 20 mins

Learn to do a water start and start surfing the water with ease


Hoverboard - 30 mins

Pick up some speed and get airborne. Start carving and making turns.


Hoverboard - 60 mins

Feel under control with your board and start flying high and making High Powered turns like the pros. Recommended for those who have a wakeboard, surf,or snowboard background.


Jetski Tours

Book a Jetski Tour with us and travel the coast of Ibiza at high speeds. Drive the jetski yourself over the crystal clear waters of the Med and visit the best places like Atlantis and Es Vedra!

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Group Incentives & Events

Group incentives, small private groups, and full watersports shows. Either putting on a Flyboard & Jetski show day or night, or have groups of up to 100 people enjoy a day of full on watersports.

Group Bookings

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